The word yoga comes from Sanskrit—an ancient Indian language. It is a derivation of the word yuj, which means to yoke, as in harnessing together a team of oxen. Today, it is often interpreted to mean union. Yoga is said to be for the purpose of uniting the mind, body, and spirit. Natavi takes yoga to the water and utilizes water’s properties to give yogi’s a different type of experience. We will offer various styles of yoga whether it be in the water or on the board. Information about classes will be available on the schedule which is available online or you can always stop in.

We will also offer yoga around the pool deck. Please bring your own mats. Other equipment for these classes with be provided. All paddle boards will be provided for SUP yoga as well.


Aqua Kriya Yoga - Aquatic Yoga

Yoga in the pool is an amazing place to experience the many benefits of yoga. The feeling of weightlessness in the water takes the stress out of challenged joints and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort. The supportive environment of the pool not only provides easier access to muscles & joints, it allows for a deeper sense of the mind/body connection.

SUP Yoga

SUP yoga (stand up paddle board yoga) is practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board in the middle of a body of water. SUP yoga requires intense focus and balance to keep your paddle board steady when holding or transitioning between poses. Ultimately, these new challenges will refine your technique on land and work muscles you aren’t used to.

SUP yoga is a style of yoga that is similar to doing a yoga class that provides a full body workout that works every muscle in your body, especially your core muscles because you have to keep your core engaged to stabilize yourself on the board.