About Us

Natavi was built upon the goal of providing quality swimming lessons for everyone, prioritizing water safety and comfort. Water has incredible properties that help our bodies both internally and externally. Natavi’s goal is to give everyone an opportunity to utilize these properties to gain strength, flexibility, health, healing, and education in and around the aquatic environment.

Our facility is cutting edge in the pool arena. Our mechanical and filtration systems alone are the best and far exceeds the minimum qualifications of private pools, they are the best in terms of quality for even much larger aquatic facilities. We have UV and sand filtrations systems that ensure the quality of our water is pristine. The temperature of our pools are 90 degrees which qualifies them as therapy pools, meaning every body will benefit from just being in the water. The ambient temperature of the room the pools are in is between 94-96 degrees ensuring you will be comfortable while you are using the pool area. There are plenty of lounge areas to relax, lockers, changing rooms, and other amenities for your use.

Natavi is just under 10,000 square feet. We pride ourselves on the quality of our facility and the amount of thought that we have put into every aspect of Natavi. We offer an experience for everyone of every age to enjoy here at Natavi. Natavi truly is a swim school for everyone, but it is also an experience for everyone to enjoy.

As humans we have an affinity to water. We want to live near it, play in it, work in it and it may be because even though it is a basic element it is necessary to our survival. Here at Natavi our goal is to educate, advance and enhance our lifelong relationship with water through every stage of life.