Water Aerobics

Water aerobics builds cardio, strength and resistance all while being easy on the joints and in a relaxing atmosphere.


A few benefits of water aerobics …

  • Increases muscle strength

  • Builds endurance

  • Increases flexibility

  • Is a low impact exercise

  • Alleviates pressure on joints

  • May relieves stress and decrease anxiety

  • Burns calories

  • May help decrease blood pressure

  • May help provide relief from chronic pain

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Supports overall physical and mental health

  • Is a cooling exercise and a popular activity

  • Plus much more…

Natavi provides low-intensity & high-intensity aquatic aerobics

Two different intensities are offered to serve a broader range of populations. Low-intensity classes are better for those with arthritis, chronic conditions, joint problems, pregnancy (especially further along in pregnancy), etc… High-intensity classes provide a more intense workout and serve those who have less mobility issues and want a stronger workout. Both classes provide a great workout and many benefits depending on your needs.